| The Smarty Modular Paver 2019

Citiblox is a smart, modular paving stone.  The aim is that they will cover large parts of smart cities to monitor pedestrian, car and pollution data.  They will also generate electricity through people's footsteps which will allow them to run haptic lighting systems to make cities more playable and engaging!

Citiblox was such a fantastic idea that I had to make something for them despite their low budget.  This tested my project management skills, ensuring that I was gaining enough money from them that I was still able to turn over a small profit, yet not pushing their budget beyond what was needed.  They needed it to work out piezoelectricity! 


The CEO and myself worked together during the initial meetings to make the production costs as low as possible by running the smart city workshop near my production base, getting loads of different types of their development making and doing in one space at one time to save filming time and using an interview technique which sounded more formal than the usual style, but allowed for much quicker editing.  I learned through this job that you don't just need to adjust the project management strategies and production techniques to match the project content, but also to match their budget.

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