Doppler Effect

| Dop-Up Shop May 2019

Doppler Effect is a tech start up in Bristol.  They aim to bring creators together from all walks of life to inspire each other and facilitate a space where people can make a living doing what they love!  

This video was one of the hardest I have created for Patos Productions because I fell ill in the middle of production.  I had to learn a whole new set of skills - managing a project from afar.  I had always employed freelancers to film and edit, but I usually closely supervised them and we would meet in person to ensure everyone was on the same page.  Ultimately I had to trust that they could understand my vision for the film through our Skype calls and, I hope you'll agree, the result was great!

Unfortunately there was another large learning curve with this project... Start-ups move extremely fast.  By the time the video was completed (2 month production time due to my illness) the business had moved on to a different creative branding which the video no longer fitted.  I had to work with the client to adapt the video and brainstorm different areas which it could be used as part of their marketing.  In the end it became a promo for the event 'Dop-up' which Doppler put on in May 2019, and Patos Productions created a simple interview video to fill the original role wanted which matched their new branding more effectively, still coming in below the original budget set out by their CEO.

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