Gorilla Game Lab 

| Director and Producer 2018

Gorillas are some of the cleverest animals on earth.  While Bristol Zoo has one of the best gorilla enclosures in the world, Gorilla Game Lab felt that they could have more mental stimulation.  The gorillas soon get bored of normal games, just like toddlers they learn how to do it and move on.  Gorilla Game Lab is a modular game that the keeper can constantly change to keep the animals engaged.  Kiera especially loved playing!  See the video I directed and produced under the brand of my production company Patos Productions.

This was the best job I have done for Patos mainly because of the amazing characters and emotions of the gorillas.  My main learning was how to manage multiple stakeholders: my freelancers I employed to film and edit the video, the research staff who all had a slightly different view of where they wanted the video to go, Bristol Zoo who needed to protect the animal's welfare and the Zoo brand all the while staying true to Patos' brand.  

I really honed my treatment and story making skills editing interviews of over an hour into a 4 minute video which simplified the complex scientific project into something anyone could comprehend.  

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