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Associate Producer 2018

I worked in an unfamiliar language and culture in Barcelona which taught me the importance of body language in interviewing, presenting and analysing information while 

creating 3 social documentaries.

The social subject matter raised my awareness for the importance of culture to government, charity and 

corporation influence and aid on various communities. 

I learned to research and find subject matter, draw out characters to carry the documentary, interview 

precisely, and edit audio and visual elements rigorously to create a polished accurate piece.

Engaged with the everyday running of a small production house.

This documentary tracks the story of Alfredo a Spanish man who is chronically homeless.  He doesn't need accommodation so much as a community where he feels safe.  Arrels, a charity, has given him that through their programme La Troballa.

The Roma community in Barcelona is very separated from the rest of the cosmopolitan city.  Their history and customs misunderstood as their past is forgotten.  A group of children have reclaimed their past and forced the Roma community and the rest of Barcelona to confront the atrocities and amazing things that have happened to their community by writing and performing a play - Akana.

Jero Ferec is a gender neutral flamenco guitarist.  Originally from the UK he moved to South Spain to pursue his flamenco guitar dreams.  There he met with a conservative culture who didn't like his androgynous style and didn't allow his flamenco guitar career to flourish despite his talent for the instrument.  In light of this he moved to much more accepting Barcelona.  But even there he has met barriers.

Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss a possible project or learn more about my work.

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